Wood-look tile flooring offers the best of both worlds. It looks just like genuine hardwood, but it is easier to clean, won’t warp or become damaged from exposure to water, and it can, in many cases, be cheaper and easier to install than hardwood flooring.

Following is an overview from Floor Coverings International Plano of what this type of flooring does and doesn’t offer so you can make a well-informed decision for your Plano area home or office.

wood-look tile flooring in plano

The Pros

Wood-look tile flooring is typically more affordable than genuine hardwood flooring, making it a good option for homeowners who are renovating the home or a portion of the home on a limited budget. This flooring is also ideal for rooms where exposure to water would cause regular wood flooring to warp and bend out of shape. Wood-look tile flooring can be used in a bathroom, kitchen, basement, and even outside on a patio or porch.

Furthermore, wood-look tile flooring is easy to clean. Simply sweep and mop, and the floor looks good as new. It is available in many sizes, shapes, grain patterns and colors, making it easy for you to pick the exact look you want for your room.

The Cons

Wood-look tile flooring is certainly durable and can hold up to a great deal of wear and tear. Even so, it is not quite as durable as genuine hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can be sanded down and refinished again and again, enabling it to last for decades in your home.

What is more, tile flooring can be made to look just like wood, but that doesn’t mean that it will feel just like wood. Wood has a soft, warm feel that makes it comfortable to stand on and excellent at absorbing noise and heat. Tile flooring has a hard, cold feel and you may need to put down area rugs to warm up a room with wood-look tile flooring.

It should also be noted that genuine hardwood flooring will almost always improve your home’s value. Its durable nature and enduring popularity can allow you to earn back at least some of the money you spent installing hardwood floors. The same cannot always be said of wood-look tile floors. While these floors look good and many prospective buyers are sure to appreciate them, they may not add as much value to your home as you would like.

Shopping Tips

If you’ve decided that wood-look tile flooring is right for you, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure the color and grain matches your existing furniture. Light colors are best for small or modern rooms while dark colors are perfect for larger rooms and more traditional styles.
  • Square or plank tiles are the most common options. Use plank tiles to create a rustic ambiance, or go with square tile for a room with a contemporary style of decor.
  • Use thin grout lines that are the same color as the tile to make the tiles look as much like wood as possible.

Wood-look tile flooring offers great value for the money spent. It is durable, practical, impervious to water damage and available in many style, size and color options. Contact our team at Floor Coverings International Plano to get started with a free in-home design consultation today.

Photo by Wilm Ihlenfeld

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