subway station with subway tileSubway tiles were first introduced with the opening of the New York City subway system back in 1904. Today, they are popular in Plano homes for use in kitchen and bathroom backsplashes as well as shower walls. Learn more about this tile type from the experts at Floor Coverings International Plano, and consider if this is the right product choice for your next home renovation project.

About Subway Tile

Subway tiles are identified by their unique shape and size. Traditionally, they are identified as 3×6 inch, white ceramic tiles. However, other materials are available in 3×6 inch pieces and may be identified as subway tile by the manufacturer. These materials include glass, marble, and metal. Also, sizing can vary including longer and shorter rectangular tiles. When selecting a subway tile product, check the manufacturing information to verify that it is the size and material you want.

subway tile backsplash in Plano home

Design Considerations

Subway tiles have traditionally been installed in a staggered format, with each row shifting over by half the length of the tiles. But they can also be installed in other ways for a unique design. For example, consider installing them vertically, using a basket weave design, or installing in a straight tile pattern.

These tiles come in a wide range of colors from neutrals to bright accent colors. They can be used in a minimalistic look, or they can stand out as a design centerpiece. Further customize by selecting grout colors that blend or contrast with the tile.

Subway tiles are typically used for modern or contemporary designs. They are also typically used for wall applications, but can be used on floors. Check the manufacturer’s usage guidelines to see if a product is too slippery for flooring.

Maintaining Subway Tile

Maintenance of subway tiles will vary depending on the material. Ceramic tile is easy to clean; any multipurpose cleaner may be used. But natural stone will require special cleaners. Typically grout lines need to be replaced before the tiles themselves. Keep grout lines well maintained by occasionally scrubbing them with a tile brush.

For more assistance choosing the right tile for your next project, call the experts at Floor Coverings International Plano and schedule a free, in-home design consultation. Using our mobile flooring showroom we bring all our samples straight to you.

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