Sandstone Tile in Allen Floor Coverings International Plano

There are a number of natural stones utilized in flooring. If you are interested in the organic beauty of these stones, then consider sandstone tile for your Allen home. Learn more about this exceptional mountain stone with Floor Coverings International Plano.

Where Does Sandstone Tile Come From?

Sandstone is quarried from mountains, a process that differs from mining as quarrying remains above ground. After the sandstone has been quarried, it undergoes a process called “gauging.” This procedure helps to smooth out the rough and jagged sandstone so that people can utilize it for flooring. Gauging can be performed at different levels, producing sandstone tile that can appear more natural, high gloss, or anywhere in between.

Benefits of Sandstone

Like other stone tiles, sandstone brings a natural beauty into a household. Because sandstone is created by nature, each stone turns out slightly different with various patterns and colors running throughout its surface. This quality makes for wonderfully unique flooring.

Another benefit of sandstone tile is that it is easy to replace if damaged. Because they are laid down piece by piece, any cracked or broken tiles can simply be swapped out for new ones. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep some extras on hand after having your flooring installed.

Strong and durable, sandstone is also a great way to raise the worth of your home. Like hardwood, natural stones provide potential monetary value to homeowners. By taking good care of your sandstone tile you can prolong the longevity of your flooring and help it maintain its value should you ever decide to sell your house.

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If you think you’ve settled on sandstone tile or if you are interested in exploring other options, then give Floor Coverings International Plano a call. We are proud to provide free design consultations to residents in the Plano, Allen, Lucas, Parker, and surrounding areas. Our experts are standing by!

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