One of the most luxurious and classic natural stones used for art and architecture is marble. The iconic, bright colors with dark splashes and veins make each block a piece of art. It is no wonder why it is one of the most preferred natural stones for Plano homes. If you are considering installing marble floors, contact your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Plano for tips and advice. Read on to learn more about this stunning stone.


Marble Tile Flooring PlanoBeauty

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed over years of intense pressure. Depending on where the marble is quarried, the stone can be found in colors ranging from creamy white hues to dark grey and even blue. Marble has a beautiful translucency that makes rooms feel bigger and brighter. Even the darker shades will emit a shine that opens up your space. The prominent veins seen in the stone are normally of a different color and are unpredictable, giving the stone its unique and elegant appeal. Many homeowners choose to use marble for countertops or accent pieces because it commands so much attention, but when used in large amounts, it can transform your home into a stunning space.



Marble is a naturally soft stone that is prone to scratching, denting, and staining. Think about where you want to install marble and the daily wear and tear that it will be exposed to. It is essential to apply a durable, protective sealant to its surface to resist any superficial damage from heavy foot traffic or dropped objects. Furthermore, marble is a porous stone and will absorb liquids easily. To avoid discoloration, be sure to clean up spills immediately. Don’t let this deter you from marble; it is still one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. All you need is a strong sealant and your marble will be durable against your everyday use.


Marble Tile Bathroom PlanoWarmth

In the array of colors in which marble is found, there are many earthy tones that can warm up your space aesthetically. However, marble is notoriously cold to the touch. It has a glassy finish when polished that doesn’t retain heat. While the cool surface is beneficial in the warm Plano climate, consider radiant heating for those chilly winter mornings. This glassy polish also makes it a slippery surface. You can consider opting for a honed finish but you will lose some of that traditional elegance marble is known for.



Unsurprisingly, marble does not come cheap. It is a valuable natural stone, but the high quality is well worth the investment. If you’re set on marble in your home but have a tighter budget, consider using it in smaller spaces like the bathroom or kitchen backsplash.


Here at Floor Coverings International Plano, we love marble. Its elegance is unbeatable and, when maintained properly, it can last for years. If you’re considering marble tiles in your home, give us a call today to look at samples. We offer free in-home estimates and proudly serve the [franchise-area_served_1] areas.


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