When installing new hardwood flooring, Plano homeowners have to make a decision between site-finished and prefinished wood. Since there are virtues to both options, the answer can get a bit complicated. Here, Floor Coverings International Plano focuses on the benefits of site-finished hardwood floors, which are all about beauty, customization, and an enduring comfort in your Plano home.

Plano site finished hardwood floor


If you are looking to have new hardwood flooring installed in a home with pre-existing hardwood floors, site-finished planks are a sound choice. The on-site finish allows installation experts to customize the planks to the color and finish of the hardwood already present. Site-finishing is the only way to achieve a perfect uniform look between old and new hardwood flooring.

Additionally, the time and craftsmanship that goes into site-finishing hardwood is difficult to match by prefinished planks that are produced and finished in a factory. Due to this higher level of personal quality, you will usually pay more for site-finished hardwood. Prefinished hardwood flooring is much simpler to produce and install, and the savings are passed onto the homeowner.


The edges of prefinished hardwood typically come beveled, which is not the case with hardwood that is finished on-site. This may come down to a matter of taste and budget, although bevels can help in managing the visual impact of hardwood shrinkage. In very dry or cold atmospheres, hardwood tends to shrink, while hot, humid temperatures can cause hardwood to expand.  

In extreme conditions, prefinished hardwood flooring might be a better option for stability and maintenance over time. Of course, the downside of this is that beveled edges tend to break up the flow of the hardwood planks and can be more difficult to clean. For a smoother and more integrated feel, the customization and personality of site-finished hardwood can’t be beat.

Plano site finished hardwood floor

The Right Look

Site-finished hardwood flooring is sanded, stained and sealed on location, meaning that the installers can fix any imperfections in the wood after it arrives at the site. Since prefinished hardwood flooring arrives on location with an industrial strength finish already applied, any imperfection or damage to the planks cannot be mended.

Furthermore, prefinished hardwood flooring is very difficult to sand down and refinish after it has been installed since the seal on the wood is so heavy. Site-finished hardwood is the optimal choice for flooring that can be refinished again and again and last a lifetime in your Plano home.   

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