parquet hardwood floor PlanoKind of a funny word, isn’t it? Parquet (pronounced par-KAY) comes from the Old French parchet, meaning “a small compartment.” It’s not clear whether the name refers to the sectional appearance of the floors, or whether it simply conveys the small, detailed nature of how the floors are constructed – but it’s certainly a distinctive sounding word for a distinctive looking style of floor.

The hardwood experts at Floor Coverings International Plano are here to give you a rundown of parquet, one of the most unique and beautiful styles of hardwood flooring for homes in the Plano area. Let’s get started!

What is Parquet Flooring?parquet hardwood floor Plano

Parquet flooring is any geometric or mosaic wood floor created out of many creatively positioned pieces of wood. Sometimes, as is the case for a classic chevron, herringbone, or fingerblock pattern, the geometric design is fairly simple; in other cases, the parquetry can be intricately patterned with thousands of meticulously placed units, ranging in size, shape, and color.

Simply put, parquet floors are made of art. They’re art-floors. That’s probably why royalty started using parquet floors in place of marble to show their wealth and luxury, and also why parquet floors remained popular through the mid-century in the United States. While they haven’t been as common lately, they’re making a comeback as homeowners recall how dynamic and intriguing they make a space look.

Why Choose Parquet?

As you’ve probably already guessed, the main reason for choosing parquet is because you want to add a unique, distinctive look to the floors in your home. But as is the case with any hardwood floor, you also have the added advantage of a surface that’s durable and fairly easy to maintain. With a regular routine of sweeping and occasional mopping, your parquet floor can last for decades. Plus, you can always refinish the surface or replace individual planks over longer periods of time if necessary.

Other Important Considerations

Do keep in mind that the added labor of creating and installing parquet generally means that this style of flooring is more expensive. But remember that you don’t have to parquet your whole house; the floors look great in formal spaces like dining rooms and living rooms, or can add a distinctive pop to an otherwise boring bedroom. Whatever your design goals are, the team at Floor Coverings International Plano will help you find a solution that fits your budget. Schedule a free, in-home visit from our mobile showroom anywhere in the greater Plano, Allen, Lucas, Parker area. Contact us today to get started!

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