Hickory Hardwood in PlanoHickory is one of the more durable domestic hardwoods on the market. This wood flooring has a unique appearance and can make a bold statement in any Plano home. The experts at Floor Coverings International Plano love this flooring for many reasons and believe that the common use of hickory hardwood in homes across the country is a testimony to its quality. Find out if this hardwood is right for your home by learning about the hickory flooring basics below.

Cost and Availability

Hickory hardwood is a domestically grown tree species grown in various regions in North America. Its abundance makes it easily attainable and affordable, which is one reason why it is commonly used for flooring. Hickory hardwood floors allow a homeowner to have a unique and durable floor at a more affordable price than rare or exotic hardwoods.


One quality that sets hickory apart from other hardwoods is its appearance. This wood is known for its calico graining, which combines blonde and brown wood colors to create spotted, striped, or otherwise contrasting floors. Hickory is an aesthetically bold flooring choice and is one of the easiest woods to apply stain to.


Hickory hardwood is a good choice for homes with heavier foot traffic. This is one of the more durable domestic hardwoods, as it scores 1,820 on the Janka hardness scale. In comparison, red oak flooring, which is considered the standard for durability, scores 1,290. This hardness gives hickory an advantage over most average hardwoods, as it is more resistant against scratches and dents.

Hickory wood flooring is also known for being resistant to changes in moisture and temperature. This floor is less likely to warp in humid climates and is a suitable choice for spill-prone rooms like the kitchen.


While hickory’s density allows it to be very durable and stable, this quality can create challenges during installation. Hickory planks are hard to cut and are relatively inflexible, which can make installing them difficult. Hire an experienced professional to ensure your hickory floors are installed properly.

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Hickory hardwood flooring can make for a durable, beautiful, and unique floor in any Plano home. Contact Floor Coverings International Plano today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and learn more about our hardwood flooring options. We proudly serve the greater Plano, Allen, Lucas, Parker areas.


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