Birch Hardwood in Plano

For Plano home and business owners looking for a unique hardwood that is both beautiful and durable, birch hardwood is a great option. Since this family of hardwoods is often overlooked, our team at Floor Coverings International Plano put together this list of some of our favorite aspects of the birch family. Read on to see if birch hardwood is right for your Plano home or business.

What is Birch Hardwood?

The birch tree family grows all over the northern hemisphere, including domestically in the northern half of the U.S. To best compare the birch tree wood varieties, it is useful to have an understanding of the trees themselves. The innermost section, called the heartwood, supports the tree. This usually means that the wood from this section is strong and hard. On the outer layers of the birch tree is sapwood, which is softer and often lighter in color. Among all the varieties of birch, yellow birch wood and sweet birch wood are the most commonly used in flooring.Birch Hardwood in Plano

Why Choose Birch Hardwood?

Durability – With Janka rating scores ranging from 1200 to 1400, all birch hardwoods are exceptionally durable, making them a great option for high-trafficked areas of your home or office.

Variety – Between the two most popular varieties of birch come four different hardwoods. Yellow birch heartwood is brown with tones of red, and the sapwood comes in pale white to cream-like colors. Sweet birch, on the other hand, comes in dark brown with tones of red (heartwood) and light brown (sapwood) varieties.

Valuable Investment – Birch hardwood is usually more affordable than other exotic hardwood species, and since it can be refinished up to seven times, birch hardwood floors bring long-lasting value to your property.

Getting Started in Plano

If you want to learn more about birch hardwood, see samples, get a quote, or begin planning your next home upgrade, sign up for a FREE in-home consultation. We proudly serve our neighbors in Plano, Allen, Lucas, Parker and surrounding areas.

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