plano cut pile carpetingAt Floor Coverings International Plano we work with homeowners to find the perfect flooring for their home. Many Plano families choose cut pile carpeting for its soft, warm feel underfoot. It’s perfect for bedrooms and family rooms. Here is some more information on this popular type of carpeting.

Cut Pile vs. Loop Pile

The most popular type of carpeting available today is tufted carpet. This type of carpeting is manufactured by weaving synthetic or natural yarn in and out of a soft, bouncy backing material. This results in rows and rows of loops. When these loops are left intact, this type of carpet is called loop pile. When the loops are cut, forming two strands, you get cut pile.

The differences between the two are most obvious when you’re standing on the carpet. Cut pile carpeting is softer and warmer than loop pile. However, with that comfort, you sacrifice durability. That is why loop pile is more common in offices and commercial spaces.

Types of Cut Pile

After the loops are cut, carpet manufacturers can modify the carpeting to make it more comfortable or durable, shaggy or soft. This is mostly accomplished by twisting the fibers.

  • Saxony carpeting features short, untwisted fibers. This carpeting is soft and elegant—perfect for formal spaces such as living or dining rooms.
  • Textured Saxony—or simply textured carpeting—is made by slightly twisting the fibers. This type of carpeting is probably what you think of when you hear the word carpet. It is the most popular type because it adds some durability and hides footprints and vacuum tracks without sacrificing too much comfort.
  • Frieze (pronounced “freeze”) carpeting features longer strands that are heavily twisted—up to ten times. This cut pile carpet type is strong and great at hiding dirt.

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