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Choosing a carpet can feel like an onslaught of unfamiliar words and descriptions. From Berber, to saxony, to frieze, to olefin, there are many types of carpet that the average consumer isn’t aware of. We at Floor Coverings International Plano want to make the process easier for Plano homeowners by explaining one of the most popular carpet choices, Berber.

What is Berber Carpet?

Berber carpet originally referred to the carpet traditionally woven by the Berber tribes of North Africa which was characterized by its light coloring mixed with darker flecks of color. This type of coloring was most often used with durable loop style carpets which influenced how the term Berber is used today. Berber now commonly refers to any type of loop style carpet of any color that is both durable and versatile.

Advantages of Berber

Due to the looped nature of Berber carpet fibers, it is a very strong carpet that can withstand heavy traffic without looking old or faded. The loops protect the fibers from getting crushed and damaged which highlights high traffic areas, and dirt and spills tend to remain on top of the carpet rather than getting ground into the fibers. It is a low maintenance choice that is very easy to clean. For homes with children or pets, Berber is a very popular choice for the above reasons. Additionally, Berber tends to be less expensive than other carpet options because it doesn’t require the additional step of cutting the fiber loops. This makes Berber a great choice for the homeowner on a budget but still wants a carpet with elegance and longevity.

Things to Consider

The feel of Berber carpet is not as soft underfoot as plush pile would be, although it is still significantly softer than hardwood or laminate. Another consideration for Berber carpet is the fact that it can be harder to install due to its low pile which more easily shows seams. Fortunately, the professionals at Floor Coverings International Plano are experts at installing Berber carpet so this won’t be a problem for Plano homeowners.

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