Merriam-Webster defines “rustic” as:

of, relating to, or suitable for the country.

Rustic country style can be brought to the home through a huge number of possible home decor options, but one of the main methods is our specialty—the floors! Here at Floor Coverings International® of , we pride ourselves on our floor decor expertise, and rustic floors can be used to bring a robust sense of rural beauty to any home in the area. Check out our list of rustic flooring options that bring the country to your home.

plano best rustic floors


This flooring option might be obvious, but some hardwoods are more rustic in appearance than others. Light-colored hardwood floors, or those without stains, are best at bringing a rustic feeling to your home.

There is also the process of distressing hardwood, which consists of deliberately creating careful scratches, scuffs, or other markings in order to make your hardwood floor look well-worn and aged. For flooring that is unique and rural, distressed hardwood is a time-tested option.


For homeowners on a budget, laminate is an excellent substitute for hardwood. Using current technology, a print layer of photo-realistic hardwood sits beneath a protective laminate surface layer. Laminate can be designed or customized to resemble any sort of rustic flooring you would like, and for a reasonable price.

Luxury Vinyl

This entry is very similar to laminate, only luxury vinyl planks are an even newer development in imitation flooring. The most convincing wood imitator around, vinyl gets it down to the details, carefully recreating the grains and subtle contours of hardwood floors in its advanced print layer.

plano best rustic floors

Stone Tile

Finally, departing from wood-look flooring, stone tile can also provide quite a rustic feel. When it comes to stone tile, the rougher it is, the more rural it feels. Slate, granite, and travertine are equally viable as rustic floors. Terra cotta tile, while technically clay, is a similar option for its antique, well-trodden look.

Ready to Get Rustic?

Floor Coverings International® of has all the options you might need for rural, country-themed flooring. We provide and install quality floor materials, and our process begins with a free in-home consultation. Contact us today and schedule a visit from our mobile showroom! We proudly serve , and beyond.

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