Stacked engineered hardwood planks.

What’s a sure-fire way to up your flooring game? Engineered hardwood. 

Engineered hardwood floors are made by layering planks of manufactured wood boards and topping the plank “stack” with a thin layer of real hardwood (the “pretty” wood that you would normally find in a solid hardwood plank). 

Engineered hardwood is the whole package — timeless style, durable stability, and a price that would make a wallet smile. Check out how engineered hardwood floors can take your Plano home to the next level!

Engineered Hardwood is Beautiful

Living room with earth tones and dark hardwood floors.

Solid hardwood floors have long been a  classic flooring choice, and that makes sense — hardwood is gorgeous. And the sheer variety of solid hardwood flooring styles available makes wood flooring a natural choice for designing a room with a specific look.

Engineered hardwood looks just like solid hardwood! Because engineered hardwood floors are made with a top veneer layer of real hardwood, they come with the same beautiful appearance as solid hardwood. 

Engineered Hardwood is Sturdy

Wood is a strong material. It’s used to make fences, stairs, even entire buildings. But even though wood has its strengths, it does have weaknesses: moisture, humidity, and temperature.

However, engineered hardwood is designed with perpendicular layers, meaning that while excess moisture and changes in humidity and temperature would cause solid hardwood to expand and contract, engineered hardwood stays more stable. This also means that if you’re looking to install floors over radiant heat in your Plano home, engineered hardwood can get the job done. 

Depending on the number and construction of the multiple plies (or layers) used to make engineered hardwood, engineered hardwood floors can sometimes be stronger than their solid counterparts.

Engineered Hardwood is Economical

Solid hardwood planks are one continuous piece of real hardwood, which can oftentimes be a very valuable and expensive material. Engineered hardwood floors, created with layers of cheaper wood, are oftentimes less expensive. 

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